Point-of-Sale Micro-donations

Our future growth will see the implementation of prototype technology that calculates the carbon emissions of individual transactions. We use a generic formula to estimate the whole of cycle carbon emissions of a product such as bread, milk or petrol. We use Point-of-Sale displays to report this information to consumers, at the time of purchase - then we provide an opportunity to GoZero and balance the consumption impacts.Because the offset amounts for most everyday transactions are very small we are not a burden to peoples hip pocket.

Consumers can simply choose to ‘GoZero’ and know they have contributed to an environmental project, or for those who want to be more involved our web service will allow individuals to create an account and direct their donations to a project of choice. Through our website people will be able to track where and how their money gets used and receive reports on their cumulative donations. This mechanism can be applied to any retail transaction in any sector, anywhere in the world.